Thriller book authors

Thriller book authors that readers use reading and following like the father of Salento reporter Saru Santacroce

Thriller book authors that readers use reading and followingIf you love crime novels and you like discovering new thriller book authors maybe ones that readers use reading and following don’t miss the father of Salento reporter Saru Santacroce and his thrillers Broken Lives and Murder in the Tremiti Isles. In the psychological thriller Broken Lives, Scotland Yard detective Sonny D’Amato is engaged in a difficult and complicated investigation to stop a sadistic and bloodthirsty serial killer who has already killed three young students. In the thriller Murder in the Tremiti Isles, the reporter Saru Santacroce tackles the theme of femicide by recounting the investigations of the carabinieri to arrest the murderer of a woman on vacation in the Tremiti Islands, in South Italy.

Saru Santacroce is an old school Italian reporter always on the hunt for news to write. He loves life and women, but at the center of everything there is always his work that engulfs all his energies. Because, after all, the reporter is cursed and (almost) never unplug. Saru is a lively and rational character, sometimes rude and politically incorrect. But he is genuine, frank and sincere; he is a person who goes straight to substance even if he doesn’t disdain form. He hates falsehood, hypocrisy and fake goodism. And he has only one master, his readers. Starting from actual events, the plot of Saru Santacroce’s detective and crime novels, born from the pen of the Salento writer Cesario Picca, thickens in a constant crescendo of suspense and mystery with a truly unpredictable ending. With his series of thrillers, Saru Santacroce is certainly able to satisfy even the most sophisticated curiosity and tastes.